“Rather than getting more spoilt with age, as difficulties pile up, epiphanies of gratitude abound.”

                                                     – ALLEN DE BOTTON


I always find it quite ironic that how without having a second thought, we pester others with our judgemental arrows, even without contemplating the actuality of the factors governing them, and solely based on how we perceive it to be.

We have habituated ourselves to live in subtle ignorance, where we hold on to what we apprehend, and then designating, what reality is? without retrospection of how shallow we are compared to the actuality. We often get lost in the ambiguity between our own sense of apprehension. Camouflaging the reality in the process, and then throwing ourselves in the haze of our own hypothesis.

It’s not that life is one big song and dance all the time. We all are lashed here and there every once in a while, that dwells out hatred for the person or the consequences, associated with it. Often, we feel it’s unfair. Hard times and tough circumstances can trigger self-doubt and despair. Everyone’s struggling beneath their own unspoken truths and is buried in the silence of the answers, left unbidden. When caught inside paradoxical web of lies around us, we believe what others perceive it to be, testifying a world of hypocrisy and in the end left abandoned and stagnated by the barriers holding us down.

How are we going to cherish the bliss of life when we’re engrossed fighting demons of yesterday?

But, knowing exactly how it feels like, to be thrown aback and grounded, is what facilitates us to be kind to others, acknowledge their struggles and embrace them with compassion.

Maybe that holds the answer to the human sanity. Isn’t it?

The light itself leads to the manifestations of shadows, the brighter it’s illuminated, darker the shadow grows. Similarly, as long as the analogue for good exists, bad will also continue to prevail. It’s easy to feel the level of ecstasy, when life is filled with gratification, merriness and blessed with abundance. But the moment we’re acquainted with love, peace and happiness, we start fleeing from the burden of carrying the repercussion that it follows. Why?

Throughout in this walk called life, we meet strangers, and entitle them as an agency for our contentment, with whom we laugh, fight and share our lives. And before, we could realize any further, we’re bound to be inseparable. We have to get a load on the fact that things that we wished for to last forever, sometimes fall back, knocking us over with a feather, and we find ourselves standing on the edge of the levees drawn between people, helplessly gazing out at each other.

Maybe, now we’ll be able to understand it better that difficult times are ways to know and understand yourself and others in a better way. It’s pointless crossing swords for a place in someone’s life, because, even after giving all of our efforts, we’ll end up being where they want us to be. Despite all, the heart, sometimes needs more time to accept what your mind already knows, that whenever the selfish desire to love is ignited, hatred is brought forth to protect that feeling from taking over.

Life does comprise of difficult choices, easy is not an option. We all know that, but it’s we who are to decide either to be high-spirited or end up being miserable, the latter isn’t going to help anyways, except, to push you down deeper in the dumps.

The world is not at ease and there is nothing much we can do about it, but, what we can do, is stand up strong to have a face-off.

Let those whispers of truth get in the way and get us out of the dilemma that life is not just about flittering away the breaths we take, but a beautiful divine sanction that can illuminate into what we believe in.