With transit of time, from skin to bone,
 He stood amidst unaffected.
 Though, rendezvous would walk his days through,
  still, departed alone and dejected.
 Wandering along, to triumph the world,
  left the “self” stranded, somewhere broken.
 Mustered all the vigor, and pieces were assembled,
 but then, gushed in incredulity that left him frozen.
He probed through swarms, for presence mirrored, like himself,
  who laughed at laughter and wept his sorrow.
  His essence, where love was sauntered upon,
  lingered to the voice of rhythmic tomorrow.
   The final station is the valley of end,
   relish the roads, as along you pass.
   You’ll be bestowed upon with what you’ve bloomed all along,
in redolence, you days, may they last.